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Split Nation:
The Re-Election of President Obama

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"We are a split nation" - was the headline. "He's the worth president ever..." screamed Trump. "This is borderline racism." - was the sentiment in some communities. Months leading up to the 2012 Presidential Election, the temper of America was heating. The overall tone of the country was not one that reflected states that are united. Split by prinipals. Split be party lines. Split by race. "This will be closest election ever seen." "This election will be a landslide victory for Romney." The mixed messages by the trusted news media were fueling an already heated country.

As a writer, I needed to write something. As a producer, I wanted to produce something. As a director, I wanted to direct something. This is where I ended.


  • Cast faces the resonates in the black community
  • Relive the joy and pain of election day
  • Just as election day, this piece must have peaks and valleys

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