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The Timeless Project

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After witnessing a crowd-pleasing, live performance, I was determined to meet Bernard. Immediately, I wanted him in front of my lense. After checking-out my body of work, he wanted to see the possibilities.

The Meaning of "Timeless"

Time is always changing. Time never stands still. Time is continuous, and not stationary. Time changes our perceptions, and our perceptions of time change continuously. Time is infinite; change is essential to time.

My approach to this creative? Just as time - keep it moving. Ticking, ticking, ticking.


  • create a slick, highly styled, colorful look
  • give the "Timeless" project an epic feel
  • the "Timeless" message must resonate

Creative Execution

Penned a simple prophetically rich script. Allow Bernard's commanding stage presence to bleed through. He's in control. He takes over the voice of time. He's ticking - slapping time in the face.

Time is -
Too Slow for those who Wait.
Too Swift for those who Fear.
Too Long for those who Grieve.
Too Short for those who Rejoice
But for those who Love.
Time is not.


No one is exempt from Van Dyke's quote. We experience it. We live it. We feel it. Bernard's lyrics captured it. He loves performing.

Tell Your Story

Every product has a story. Let's tell it before you sell it.


Establish their trust. Customers will come.


Emotions are our primary drivers. Appeal to them.


How fast can you deliver your brand promise?