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The Mediator

Original Series

You've heard of the ole saying "turning your lemons into lemonade" After sending several weeks in divorce mediation, I penned this outragous story.

Meet Malik, a smooth talking, charismatic, good-looking guy, who grew up street hustling. We are drawn to him and trust him. This appeal hasn’t been lost on Attorney Figueroa who sees Malik at the same coffee shop every morning. One day he approaches Malik with an offer too good to be true. He seems to know a lot about Malik, that he’s out on bail awaiting a trial that could put him in jail for ten years and that he was busted with $1.5 million worth of cash and product. Figueroa’s offer seems outrageous and, even more so, unbelievable. Malik will become a divorce mediator. Learn the right stuff to do and say then mediate Figueroa’s divorce and manage the outcome to be in Figueroa’s favor. Can this be real?

LOGLINE: A neigborhood hustler uses a divorce mediation scheme to pay off a debt that threathens his life.

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Writer | Producer | Director | Shooter | Editor - You know drill, I wore all hats. - Ulysses P. Brown

Producer - Elena Janku

Assistant Director - Matthew Campbell